Community & Stakeholder Engagement

Statement by the Chief Executive Officer

Gippsland Critical Minerals acknowledges the important environmental, cultural and economic values of the area surrounding the Fingerboards site and aims to protect and enhance those values.

The company also understands the importance of community engagement in the development, approval and delivery of major projects and the value of effective engagement in achieving mutually beneficial outcomes.

Good community engagement enables the sharing of information, open discussion of concerns and identification of solutions based on mutual understanding, honesty and respect. Good community engagement leads to better outcomes for projects and communities.

The company respects the rights held by private and public landowners and is committed to engaging openly and honestly with the community, listening to community concerns and responding appropriately to community feedback.

Gippsland Critical Minerals seeks to be recognised as a valuable contributor to the community, respectful of all community views, and willing to engage, share information, and respond effectively to all community members and stakeholders.

Gippsland Critical Minerals acknowledges the traditional owners of the land, the Gunai-Kurnai people and pays respects to their elders past and present.

Gippsland Critical Minerals aims to work closely and collaboratively with traditional owners to maintain cultural association with the land and provide opportunities for involvement in, and benefit from the project.

Jozsef Patarica
Chief Executive Officer