Project Updates

Project Update - March 2023

  Tuesday 28th March, 2023

Community Grants Program First Round closing soon!!

Our first round of the community grants program opened 27 February and will close 5pm 31 March.

Gippsland Critical Minerals is an active and supportive member of our local communities in East Gippsland

Our Community Grants Program aims to support community initiatives that enhance the quality of life, heritage, recreation, and cultural opportunities and provide long lasting benefits to the wider community. Grant funding is available for projects within the Educational, Recreational, Environmental and Social aspects of the community in which we operate.

Application for our grants program can be made via our website

Gippsland Critical Minerals Native Seed Facility Update

Gippsland Critical Minerals established a native seed production facility in 2020 to support the seed resourcing requirements for the Fingerboards Critical Minerals Project rehabilitation.

As part of our proposed rehabilitation program, we will be restoring a significant area of nationally threatened grassy redgum woodland on parts of the project site, some of which are currently occupied by plantation forestry. Due to its rarity, and poorly developed seed markets for native ground layer species our native seed facility propagates, grows, and maintains a broad range of native species from this community.
Our native seed production facility is the only one of its kind in the Gippsland region and the most advanced of its type in Victoria.

The most recent spring and summer periods provided a significant quantity of seeds. Harvests from seed crops show that more than 60 species (including locally rare) produced seed.

More than 120kg of native wildflower seed and a further 500kg of native grass seed were harvested and now stored in our temperature and humidity-controlled facility some of which will be used for our planned bulk excavation trial later this year.

Gippsland Critical Native Seed Facility

Common Everlasting Crop

Bulbine Lily Crop

Kangaroo Grass Crops

Common Everlasting, Native Bluebell and New Holland Daisy Seeds

For further information about the Fingerboards Project:

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